1 student                  $80

2 Students              $150

For groups of 3 and more contact us for a personalized estimate.

Pink Balloons

We are currently working hard at creating our bridal packages to bring our brides the best bridal experience.

Contact us for a personalized estimate.

Wedding Bouquet
Special Events

1 person                   $90

2 persons                $170

For groups of 3 more contact us for a personalized estimate.

*lashes included in price.

Body Painting

Face painting           $60

Half Body               $120

Full Body               $200

Makeup Kit with Brushes
Special Effects

Some of the SFX services we provide are small and large prosthetic application, bald cap application, effects for theater, costuming or cosplay and more.  


Send us an email with your project for a personalized estimate.  

Spooky Forest

* Sliding scale available on a case by case basis, let us know if you could benefit from this option and we will work with you to bring your vision to life. Makeup is for everyone!